12 ‘Asks’ for Rural Housing

Last month we launched ’12 Asks for Rural Housing’, which highlighted some key considerations for the rural housing sector.

What do you think of our asks? What would your asks be?

They are as follows:

1. That everyone deserves a safe, secure, and affordable home.

2. That affordable rural housing is understood by Government and accommodated in policy.

3. That affordable rural homes continue to be delivered through key rural housing partners.

4. That there are increased flexibilities that support local affordable rents.

5. That by investing in rural partners, Homes England smashes the 10% rural delivery target.

6. That homes are allocated in a way that helps households and neighbourhoods achieve their potential.

7. That a legacy for future generations is preserved by allowing people to live locally.

8. That affordable housing is understood as the essential ingredient in supporting prosperous rural economies.

9. That stigma associated with affordable homes falls away and the value of all residents is fully understood.

10. That rural communities understand the true value affordable homes bring to their village.

11. That for communities to thrive, they need people. And people need homes. Affordable homes.

12. That the word NIMBY disappears because charity, selflessness and community-spirit flourishes.


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