Our Values & Mission

As a non-profit organisation, English Rural exists to provide and manage housing services which help to sustain the economic and social life of rural communities. English Rural works in partnership with those communities, local authorities and other agencies and aims to be the foremost specialist provider of rural affordable housing in England.

Our Vision

Putting rural communities front and centre is key to our vision: “For rural communities to thrive, we believe local people deserve to live in highquality, wellmanaged homes that are comfortable, safe and affordable”.

Our Mission

So that we can deliver on our vision, we need to be clear about our mission. We need to build more affordable rural homes. We need to build them with and for the local community. Our mission is: “To build and manage affordable housing for local people in rural communities in England and to be an advocate for affordable rural housing”.

This mission is underpinned by our our five core values:

Our Values

How do we maintain our purpose?

There are a number of fundamental elements that enable our expert team to maintain our purpose, which is as relevant today as it was when the organisation was formed.

These include:

  • Good governance which keeps pace with internal and external requirements;
  • Sound finances and value for money (VfM);
  • The satisfaction of services and relationships from residents and partners on whom we depends;
  • Access to capital finance for investment;
  • Effective risk management, including stress testing of the Business Plan.

Would you like to be an English Rural Shareholder?

If so, why not download and read our Shareholder Membership Policy here.

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