Affordable Rural Housing Blossoms in Scholars Close, Felsted – A New Development for Uttlesford District

As the demand for eco-friendly and affordable housing continues to grow, it’s our pleasure to announce the successful completion of Scholars Close, a rural housing development in Felsted, Essex, situated within the Uttlesford District. This 28-home development, masterfully crafted by WPD Felsted Ltd, boasts a range of affordable and open market properties that cater to the needs of the local community.

English Rural, in a joint bid with St Arthur Homes, has proudly acquired a total of 11 affordable homes within this development. Our share includes seven homes – comprising two bungalows, three houses, and two maisonettes – all available for affordable rent. St Arthur Homes has additionally acquired four shared ownership homes, further expanding the variety of housing options available to the residents.

On the 23rd of July, all of the rented properties were handed over and occupied by families and individuals from the Uttlesford District. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the strong collaboration between English Rural, St Arthur Homes, and WPD Felsted Ltd.

Each home comes equipped with photovoltaic (PV) solar panels and electric car chargers, ensuring a reduced carbon footprint, and promoting greener living. CalfordSeaden, our Employer’s Agent, has played a significant role in ensuring that the development met the highest quality standards.

To further enhance the sense of community and environmental stewardship, the developer has thoughtfully created a small community orchard within the site. A commemorative plaque has been erected at the orchard, acknowledging the collaboration and efforts of all parties involved in bringing this development to fruition.  In celebration, a tree planting ceremony took place yesterday.  This heart-warming event was attended by local residents, and representatives from WPD Felsted Ltd and English Rural.

Scholars Close is a model of what can be achieved through a commitment to affordable and sustainable living. We believe that such developments are the way forward in promoting rural housing that caters to the needs of both the environment and the community, and we look forward to witnessing the positive impact this development will have on the lives of its residents for years to come.


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