English Rural Signs Damp and Mould Charter

English Rural is pleased to announce that we have signed the Damp and Mould Charter instituted by Bath and North East Somerset Council as part of their Health and Housing Damp and Mould Project. We are proud that our own damp and mould policy was showcased by the council as a best practise example and helped inform the development of this important charter.

By signing the charter, English Rural is reaffirming our strong commitment to tackling damp and mould issues in social housing and improving living conditions for our residents. We pledge to work collaboratively with Bath and North East Somerset Council and other local authority partners across the areas we serve to share best practises, resources and solutions around this critical issue.

The Damp and Mould Charter aims to ensure that social housing providers take consistent, effective action to remedy damp and mould, in line with recommendations from the Housing Ombudsman. It emphasises the importance of proactive inspection, timely repairs, resident communication and support, and a focus on the health impacts of damp and mould.

Charlotte Priebe, Customer Services Manager at English Rural, said:

“English Rural knows that damp and mould have no place in a safe, healthy home. Signing this charter reflects our determination to be a sector leader in ending damp and mould. We look forward to partnering with local councils and other housing associations to deliver real change on this issue for our rural residents and communities.”

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