English Rural Retains Highest Regulatory Grading (2021)

The Regulator of Social Housing undertook an assessment on how well registered providers, such as English Rural, are meeting their standards. The assessment concluded with the Regulator confirming that English Rural had retained the highest available of grading of V1 (Viability) and G1 (Governance).

Commenting on the assessment and its findings, Martin Collett, Chief Executive of English Rural, said:

We are thrilled to retain the highest regulatory grading, which recognises that English Rural is a well-run and financially secure organisation. The outcome highlights the excellent work undertaken by both our board and staff. It is also important to recognise that it is the health of the organisation which enables us to achieve our mission of delivering homes and services to the rural communities we partner with and importantly the residents who live in the homes we provide.”

Details on the assessment published by the Regulator can be found on their website.

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