What should I do if I am worried about how I will pay my rent?

The Government has outlined financial support measures to protect people’s wages with the introduction of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Check here to see if your employer can use the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

If you are having any problems paying your rent, discuss these with your Regional Housing Manager who can offer further advice based on your circumstances. English Rural has a social purpose, and this means that we will understand and support you when you face financial challenges.

The rent-setting policy applied by English Rural means that none of our rents are above the level at which you will be able to receive financial support from the Government. Claiming financial support from the Government can take time and the important thing is to start this as soon as your circumstances change. Contact your dedicated Regional Housing Manager if you are unsure about how to do this. They will be ready and willing to help you.

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau offers further advice if you can’t pay your bills because of coronavirus.

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