Historic Weathervane Replaced on New Affordable Homes in Grayshott

Fourteen one- and two-bedroom affordable rental flats are being built in the village of Grayshott, Hampshire, for people with a strong local connection through living or working locally and have a low income. The flats have been designed to fit in with the nearby village Conservation Area and will have a central communal garden. Ten flats are already occupied. The project has been managed by English Rural on behalf of Grayshott & District Housing Association.

Some old flats in a converted stable block were demolished to make way for the new buildings. There was an old Victorian weathervane on the roof, thought to be dated from the 1860’s, which was salvaged before the demolition. Rod Hughes, the local celebrity blacksmith (of Victorian House of Arts & Crafts, BBC2 fame) has carefully restored the vane and regilded it.

We are grateful to the Parish Council who contributed a grant towards the project.

Teresa Jamieson, Chairman of Grayshott & District Housing Association, said:

“The weathervane is now glinting in the Spring sunshine, a fantastic celebration of the huge community & voluntary effort to build these affordable flats for local people.”

Last week it was hoisted by crane and replaced on the new roof of Western Lodge. A small group of people gathered to watch this exciting moment with bated breath but thankfully the day was very calm. This key piece of local history was replaced and hopefully will remain for another 100 years. Feltham Construction workers carefully guided the vane into its new home and aligned the vane to the points of the compass using their modern mobile phones.

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