Launching our First Digital Residents’ Newsletter

Welcome to the very first digital version of ‘The Bulletin’ – the Spring/Summer 2020 edition

This year, everyone has had to embrace new technologies. Whether it’s signing up to online shopping, video calls with friends and family or embracing online banking. We at English Rural are no different. That’s why are launching the digital edition of ‘The Bulletin’.

Why are we doing this?

More and more of our residents are online, so it makes sense to introduce a paper-free version of our newsletter.

  • It reduces printing and postage costs – offering residents better value for money
  • It reduces our carbon footprint – making us more environmentally friendly
  • It means we can make last-minute edits – keeping you right up to date
  • You can read the newsletter on your phone, on your computer or offline as a PDF document – more flexibility for you
  • Because we are not delivering the newsletter by post, this also reduces the risk of identity fraud

Please login (or register) for our resident portal to read the new Spring/Summer digital edition of ‘The Bulletin‘. Tell us what you think – there’s a feedback form on the back page!

Click on the image below to read the newsletter:

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