Transfers And Exchanges

Mutual Exchange

You have the right to exchange your property with another social housing tenant if you hold an assured tenancy. Any exchange partner will need to meet the local connection criteria applicable to your development and must not as result leave the property overcrowded or under-occupied. No exchanges can be approved if your rent account is not fully up to date.

What will happen?

An inspection of your property will also be carried out before approving the exchange to ensure your home has been satisfactorily maintained.

If you wish to move through mutual exchange get in touch and we’ll talk to you about the process.


If a property becomes available on your development, English Rural may in some cases consider a request for an internal transfer. You will be asked to complete an application form giving details of why you should be considered to transfer to the vacant property.

Residents who are looking to move to more suitable housing will also be encouraged to register with the Local Authority for re-housing, who are able to offer a much wider range of accommodation to meet your needs.

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