Applying for a Home

English Rural’s homes are almost entirely designed to help local people with an existing local connection to the village in which they are built. The local connection needed to qualify can vary, but generally means having lived in the village either now or in the past, being employed in the village or having immediate family living in the village. Take a look at the villages where we own and manage homes.

Do you qualify?

Find out now with our form below. If you qualify, we can keep you informed of future vacancies if you register your contact details with us.

Do You Qualify?

Do I Qualify?

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Applying for a rented home

If you want to apply for a rented home, it is also important that you contact your local authority (council) housing department and register with them as well.
We generally allocate rented homes in partnership with local authorities, asking them to nominate households who are eligible. If you don’t register with them then you may miss out. They will also be able to keep you informed of other housing options and opportunities.

Unsure who your local authority is?

Find out via the Government website now

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