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The Ricklands, Winford

The Ricklands,Winford (Somerset),Somerset

Two bedroom first floor flat available, built in association with Winford Parish Council

Weekly rent: £101.05

Local connection criteria applies.

Application deadline 1st June 2017.

Somerby-General scheme photo

Eastacre, Somerby

Eastacre,Somerby (Leicestershire),Leicestershire

Two bedroom house available, built in association with Somerby Parish Council

Weekly rent: £89.91

Local connection applies.

Application deadline 7th June 2017.

Layout - above

Quarry View, Mersham

Quarry View,Mersham (Kent),Kent


Due for completion July 2017

2 x one bedroom flats, 2 x Two bedroom flats, 3 x 2 bedroom houses and 1 x three bedroom house affordable rent homes available to local people with a connection to the Parish of Mersham.

Applicants must be registered with Kent Homechoice, if you are not registered we will not be able to consider your application.

8NBM front 2

8 Newbury Meadow, Hatfield Broad Oak

Newbury Meadow,Hatfield Broad Oak (Hertfordshire),Hertfordshire

Two bedroom shared ownership property for sale, built in association with Hatfield Broad Oak Council

57% share for sale £156,750

Monthly charge £47.43

Local connection applies.

Application deadline 14th June 2017.

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