Burstow Gardens, Burstow- Rented

One-bedroom ground floor flat available to rent with garden and allocated parking.

Available for £172.60 per week.

Local connection criteria applies.

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To be eligible for this property you must have a local connection to the Parish of Burstow or the surrounding Parishes of Horne and Outwood or South Nutfield and Felbridge, in priority order. A local connection would typically be considered as current or previous residency, employment within the Parish or immediate family living in the Parish, and priority will be given to applicants who have a connection to Burstow.

You must also be registered for housing with Tandridge District Council. This property will be advertised through Tandridge Homechoice between Friday 9th February – Wednesday 14th February 2024. Please ensure you place a bid on the property through the Tandridge Homechoice website.

If you meet the above criteria and would like to apply for this property, please complete an application form and return it, along with the required supporting documents, which are outlined on page 2 of the application form.

Where possible, please return your application by email to allocations@englishrural.org.uk

If you would prefer to post your application, please send it to:

English Rural Housing Association
The Granary
Greenways Studios
Lower Eashing

Read our allocations procedure here: Allocations Procedure

Download an application form here: Application For Housing

Property type: Rent

Street: Burstow Gardens

Town/City: Burstow (Surrey)

County: Surrey

Number of bedrooms: 1

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Application deadline 14th February 2024 Do I qualify?

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