Revolutionising Social Housing: Insights from the Year-Long Journey Post-Better Social Housing Review

The National Housing Federation’s December 2023 report “A Year On from the Better Social Housing Review – What’s Changing?” signifies a major advance in the social housing sector. The report reflects collective efforts and achievements since the Better Social Housing Review (BSHR), marking a pivotal moment for the industry.

Crucial areas of progress include a push towards greater diversity in governance, with a noticeable shift in boardroom representation. This move not only fosters inclusivity but also brings varied perspectives essential for effective policy-making.

A pivotal focus has been on understanding the actual living conditions of residents. Housing associations are now more attuned to the needs and experiences of their residents, leading to a holistic approach in improving living standards. This empathetic understanding is a fundamental shift from previous practices.

Maintenance and repair services have seen a substantial upgrade. The emphasis is on delivering not just timely but outstanding repair services, ensuring that residents live in safe and well-maintained homes. This commitment to excellence in maintenance is a promising development for the sector.

Moreover, the role of housing officers has evolved. They are now equipped with better support and resources, enhancing their ability to serve residents effectively. This empowerment is crucial for front-line staff who are the first point of contact for residents.

The report stresses the significance of resident voices in shaping policies and decisions. This participatory approach is a cornerstone for building trust and ensuring that housing strategies align with resident needs.

Community presence has been another area where housing associations have made strides. By being more proactive and visible in communities, they have fostered a sense of belonging and support among residents.

Looking ahead, the report outlines a roadmap for continuous improvement. It acknowledges the challenges ahead but also highlights the opportunities to build a more robust and responsive social housing sector.

This report is a testament to the positive changes happening in social housing. It’s an exciting time for those of us involved in this sector, as we witness and contribute to the evolution of social housing, making it more inclusive, responsive, and attuned to the needs of its residents.


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