New – The 2021 Rural Housing Alliance Pledge

The Rural Housing Alliance has published a refreshed Rural Housing Pledge during Rural Housing Week 2021. As a founding member of the Rural Housing Alliance, English Rural is standing by our commitment to rural communities and is backing the Pledge.

The Pledge states the commitment of housing associations to work with local people in order to ensure high quality homes that benefit the whole community. The Alliance works to promote this Pledge to rural local authorities and parish councils.

Housing associations working in rural areas can use the Pledge to show local residents and local media the values they will be working to when providing new affordable homes.

The Pledge underlines the commitment of Rural Housing Alliance members to working in partnership with local communities in order to ensure high quality homes and services.

Commenting on the refreshed Pledge, English Rural’s Chief Exectuive, Martin Collett, said:

“As a founding member of the Rural Housing Alliance, I am proud that English Rural, along with other rural advocates are supporting the refreshed Pledge.  This is a renewed opportunity for the Pledge to make a difference to rural communities by securing local partnerships that deliver affordable homes in villages across England. We are committed to providing high-quality, energy-efficient homes for local people in response to the needs of the rural communities we serve.”

English Rural stands by our commitment to the Rural Housing Alliance Pledge which you can read below:

RHA Pledge 6-21
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