A Season of Thanks: Extending Our Gratitude to our Partners in Rural Housing

As the festive lights illuminate our rural communities, English Rural wishes to extend heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported us this year. Our mission to ensure affordable rural housing has been greatly enhanced by many invaluable contributions. We recognise that numerous individuals, organisations, and community members have played essential roles, even though we might not be able to mention each one by name. Each contribution, regardless of its size or form, has been crucial in our journey towards creating affordable rural homes and vibrant communities.

✅ Our Residents: Your stories and the life-changing impact of affordable housing have shaped our mission. The resilience and community spirit you demonstrate inspire our ongoing commitment to improving rural housing availability.

✅ ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England): Your expertise in rural community development has been invaluable, especially in facilitating dialogues that bridge the gap between residents’ needs and housing solutions. ACRE’s role in rural advocacy and community support has been instrumental in fostering sustainable rural development.

✅ The Centre for Homelessness Impact (CHI): Your innovative approach to using data and evidence to inform policies has been critical in addressing rural homelessness. Your commitment to evidence-based strategies ensures that interventions are both effective and tailored to the unique challenges of rural homelessness.

✅ DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs): Your strategic funding initiatives and deep understanding of rural issues have been pivotal. DEFRA’s commitment to balancing environmental concerns with human needs in rural areas underscores the importance of sustainable development.

✅ The Chartered Institute of Housing: As a leading body in housing policy and practice, your advocacy for affordable housing in rural areas is crucial. Your expertise in housing management and policy has been instrumental in shaping a landscape where rural communities can thrive.

✅ The CLA (Country Land and Business Association): Your advocacy for the rights and interests of landowners in rural communities has been key in promoting sustainable development and supporting the provision of affordable rural homes.

✅ CPRE – The Countryside Charity: Your dedication to preserving rural landscapes while advocating for affordable housing reflects a deep commitment to sustainable rural living. CPRE’s balance of environmental stewardship with human development needs is exemplary.

✅ Homes England: Your role in providing funding and expertise for housing development, especially in challenging rural areas, has been essential. Homes England’s focus on accelerating housing supply, particularly affordable and sustainable housing, aligns perfectly with our goals.

✅ HRH The Princess Royal: As our Patron, your commitment to raising awareness and advocating for rural housing has brought national attention to these critical issues. Your involvement has been pivotal in mobilising support and resources for rural housing initiatives.

✅ The Universities of Kent and Southampton: Your collaborative research provides crucial insights into the challenges and solutions for rural homelessness, offering an academic perspective that enriches practical approaches to these issues.

✅ The NFYFC (National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs): Your understanding of the link between agriculture’s future and accessible housing for workers has been critical. NFYFC’s support extends beyond housing to encompass a range of issues affecting young farmers, strengthening the agricultural community as a whole.

✅ The Plunkett Foundation: Your support in community business development in rural areas has been transformative. The Foundation’s work in promoting rural entrepreneurship and community-led initiatives has had a lasting impact on local economies and social cohesion.

✅ Porchlight and Turning Tides: Your dedicated efforts in addressing rural homelessness through innovative and compassionate approaches have been commendable. The research and practical support you provide are vital in tackling the unique challenges of homelessness in rural areas.

✅ The Rural Services Network (RSN): Your advocacy and support services for rural communities cover a broad spectrum, from lobbying for fairer funding and policy representation to providing practical resources and networking opportunities. RSN’s comprehensive approach is invaluable in ensuring that rural communities are not overlooked.

This Christmas, our hearts are filled with gratitude for each of you. Together, we are dedicated to ensuring affordable housing in our rural communities.

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