“We Cannot Be More Thankful And Happy To Live In An English Rural Home”

“My partner and I had been looking for our first family home for the entirety of my pregnancy last year when we found the English Rural website. Having lived rurally all of our lives we wanted to raise our children rurally and teach them about village life.

Olivia, English Rural resident, Berkshire

After applying and not thinking we even had a look-in, we finally got an interview and then a little while later a letter came to confirm that we had indeed been chosen to live in the property.

We moved into our English Rural home last year when our daughter was only 23 days old, with nothing but a bed, our clothes and her cot and belongings.

Since we moved into our first family home, we’ve brought home a wonderful kitten and are expecting another baby this year to complete our perfect family of four. Our neighbours are so lovely and the home we moved into is brilliant – so spacious and perfect for children to grow up in.

It means so much to us that we live near family during our children’s young lives and thanks to English Rural we live around the corner from our children’s cousins and grandparents. This is something we cannot be more thankful for.

If it wasn’t for English Rural giving us the brilliant opportunity to live in this property, we would still be living in one bedroom with our parents or paying a ridiculous rate in a private rented property in a town.

We cannot be more thankful and happy to live in an English Rural home.”

Written by:

Olivia, an English Rural resident from Berkshire.

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